Odorex® Pet Urine Stain Detector

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Pet urine stains are easy to find if they are still wet but with old stains it can difficult if not impossible to locate where that odour is coming from – a blacklight (UV light) torch is the solution for finding pet urine stains.

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After detection, treat with our Odorex pet deodorising treatments to clean and eliminate pet urine odours.

Click on the ‘Directions’ tab for instructions on how to use.

• 385 – 395nm wavelength – perfect for detecting stains.
• Batteries not included (3 x AAA, approx 50 hours).

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Dimensions 10.5 × 3.2 × 3.2 cm


• Wait until it’s dark, turn off the lights.
• Let your eyes adjust for at least 30 seconds then move slowly through your home.
• Areas with pet pee will glow a dull white/yellow colour.
• Treat contaminated areas with Odorex® Deodoriser For Cats, Odorex® Animal Odour Eliminator or Odorex® Kennel Cleaner Concentrate depending on the type and severity of the problem.

To Insert Batteries:
1. Unscrew the end with the strap attached.
2. Let the battery case fall out of main shell.
3. Insert 3 x AAA batteries (on the end of the case you will see either a + or – sign indicating which way each battery should be inserted.
4. Slide battery case back inside main shell (on the side of the battery case you will see arrows to show you which way the shell should be inserted.
5. Screw the end back on and click the button near the strap.

76 reviews for Odorex® Pet Urine Stain Detector

  1. Emily D. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Really handy to find those sneaky spots. Especially because the kitten urine doesn’t smell

  2. Debra W. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    So good I could exactly which bits of carpet needed treating. Exceeded expectations.

  3. Jonathan T. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Works as intended.. highlights soiled areas easily.

  4. Candice (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Such a handy tool to have

  5. Alexy C. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

  6. Julie Mitchell (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

  7. Heather (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

  8. Cherie B. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Maybe I wasn’t using this right but I saw nothing. Still have to follow my nose unfortunately.

    • Web Master (store manager)

      Hi Cherie, thank you for the feedback. If the pee stains weren’t clear under UV then it’s likely you received a faulty torch. We offer a money back guarantee so we would be happy to replace or refund – please get in touch if you would like to follow up.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Excellent device – we managed to find all the stains and therefore eliminated the odours.

  10. Maree Speers (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Did a great job!!! Felt abit like a detective 🙂

  11. Jo W. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Had to have faulty item replaced but service and support to make me happy and sort it out was great!

  12. Elaine (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Great product. I purchased a second one.

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

  14. Natalie B. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Didnt work on carpet, great on walls and hard surfaces

  15. amelia (verified owner)

    This UV torch is amazing 100% works I have tried others in the past but this is the best the price for quality just cannot beat it! Highly recommended for finding those messes you could smell but just weren’t sure where!

  16. Maree (verified owner)

    Brilliant prompt service, ordered online and I was able to pick up locally same day!!! Bronwyn from the online chat was amazing and helped me – thank you Odorex.

  17. Aunty Pammy (verified owner)

    I was so pleased to be dealing with Bronwyn from Odorex as I have had nothing but quick and efficient service. I have found Bronwyn to be knowledgeable and this has helped my Grooming Salon and Doggy Day Care to be odour free. This also makes it a pleasure to work in. I recently tried the black light and when using Kennel Cleaner and its wonder fragrance we have had great results.

  18. Andy E (verified owner)

    Good value for money, did exactly as it says on the box. Worked well, company very easy to work with and deliver on time.

  19. shirley (verified owner)

    great little torch, works exactly as it is described. fast friendly service. will buy again if the need arises

  20. john adams (verified owner)

    Torch woked very well did an exellent job for me
    Mess up by couriers quickly sorted by odorex brilliant sevice from a great company
    Thank for a prompt solution

  21. Alison (verified owner)

    Excellent product we were able to quickly and easily identify area of cat urine and deal with using Oderex cat.
    Service and delivery quick and hassle free

  22. Judith Rosevear (verified owner)

    Thanks so much guys! i am very happy with my black light torch and super impressed with your prompt service and delivery. I am recommending you to my friends! Your business deserves to be successful!

  23. Susan (verified owner)

    One of my two cats recently began spraying, and I’m so glad I discovered Odorex products! While ordering some eliminator spray, I saw this black light torch – I didn’t know until then that black light could show spray marks, and I decided it give it a try. It’s AMAZING! It showed every spray mark on the walls, carpet, curtains, furniture.

    While the results were rather startling – my cat has really been spraying way more than I’d realised! – I can now see exactly where the smell’s coming from, and can get rid of it using Odorex’s fantastic products.

  24. Jan Taylor (verified owner)

    Torch is fantastic
    Cat peed in our room weeks ago and I’ve been going crazy trying to find where. Found it with the torch in seconds.

  25. Annie (verified owner)

    Brilliant product. The only torch I’ve found which really does show up animal urine. I’m going to try the deodoriser next. I hope it works just as well 🙂

  26. Julie (verified owner)

    My daughter recently contracted headlice. It’s one of those things that most children experience as they play so closely to each other. Having google the internet on lice cycle, I found out that nits glow in the dark when they’re exposed to UV black light. So I google and visited your website and bought the torch. The torch was delivered today and I tested it. WOW, the torch works perfect. I want to be 100% sure that all the nits are completely gone. It’s really difficult to spot the eggs amongst thousands of hair. The torch has certainly help to detect the nits so easily. I can also use the torch to check my carpet as the previous owner owns a cat! See if there is any mess left behind by the cat on the carpet. I have shared my discovery with the school!

  27. Vamessa

    Great product makes it possible to spot where the problem area is and clean up properly.

  28. Vicki (verified owner)

    Excellent product – saves sniffing around for spots where dogs are marking.

  29. Linda (verified owner)

    I found the torch works very well, and so reasonably priced, cat pee issues have all been found and dealt with! Great product and highly recommended to pet owners

  30. Bernadette (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with the torch and can say it really works. The communication and customer support and follow up was excellent. I can highly recommend this product and company. Thank you!

  31. Hanlie (verified owner)

    The blacklight torch didn’t show where on the duvet the cat peed as the whole duvet lit up – silly me! But it was great fun for the children to look at all sorts of things like banana spots, soda water, bank notes and much more… an instant science lesson!

  32. Sonia

    I bought this to be able to figure out where my cat had left her mark as it’s very embarrassing when people come over. The torch is excellent. Best used when it’s dark. It shows up particularly well on normal carpet, but not so well on silk rugs. But it’s nice to have a house that smells nice again!

  33. Jo (verified owner)

    I purchased this product to identify cat urine locations so I could effectively deodorise them. The product is excellent – I received it very promptly after ordering online. I found all the cat urine and am working my way through deodorising all affected areas.

  34. Alison Isherwood (verified owner)

    Excellent – found all the cat pee marks and now have a clean smelling house.

  35. Brendon McDonald (verified owner)

    Brilliant product for the price. I was a bit dubious but it did the trick hunting down where the cat had peed. Fast delivery also. Daughter also thinks it’s pretty cool too as it makes neon glow on her things in her room.

  36. Lisa (verified owner)

    I purchased this black light torch to see which colour fabrics would glow under black/UV light as we are a event company planning a UV party.
    The staff at Odorex were so helpful and the shipping was so fast!
    The torch was was really well priced and the quality was excellent, very bright torch and once the lights are out it was very a very strong black light which made sourcing glow in the dark items very easy.

    Thank you for great service and no hassel, fast shipping, it is very much appreciated.

  37. Hannah (verified owner)

    We have a small breeding cattery and purchased after our fluro one died (soon after we purchased) for the identification of urine stains. Works fantastically (also provided some amusement and horror when it arrived and used in the staff bathroom). We also lent it to a local cat rescue for ringworm identification – while a slightly different wavelength from a woods lamp, ringworm does fluoresce under it and allowed them to quickly quarantine a bunch of kittens they suspected were infected.

  38. Jacquie (verified owner)

    Great service and products.
    Brought the black light and deodoriser to find and eliminate the cat pee smell . Worked well, my daughter borrowed the light and used the deodoriser and was very pleased to get rid of the cat pee smell.
    Highly recommend to others

  39. Janice (verified owner)

    Using them in our Sneezesafe program with primary schools – in conjunction with glogerm gel.

  40. janice Edwards (verified owner)

    The light is fantastic. I do not have a sense of smell and with multiple cats in the house I have relied on friends to alert me to any urine smells.Now all I have to do is a regular check around the house and any ‘mishaps ‘ can be eliminated.

  41. Linda Ellis (verified owner)

    This light is a must for ‘night time cat urine spotting’ . Follow along and clean up with ‘Odorex deodoriser for cats’ . Awesome.

  42. Olivia (verified owner)

    Fast and prompt service!

  43. Rachel Morris (verified owner)

    Purchased the Odorex Blacklight Torch & Odorex Deodoriser For Cats because I had been having issues with one of our cats not using the litter box and was getting frustrated after trying everything to get rid of the cat odor, which was making the issue worse as while the odor is in the carpets, the cats will continue to go!
    After hours of trying different methods on Google I came across the Odorex website and given that the prices are so reasonable and it’s a local company, I thought I’d give it a shot.
    Am extremely pleased to say it works! The black light is perfect for seeking out stains that don’t belong and the Deodoriser actually does get rid of the cat odor! With 3 cats these products are a must to keep on hand!

  44. Bronwyn Smith (verified owner)

    The torch quickly identified the cat pee areas. Service was great. Thanks

  45. Stephen (verified owner)

    Made the purchase after a bit of research and saw that it was recommended. The order arrived very quickly and I was first impressed with the aluminium build – no plastic casing here. Quite powerful for its size and was able to raise my attention to all manner of whoopsies dotted around. It might be more effective if it was used in conjunction with a pair of UV sensitive glasses but on the whole, I would say that it pretty good for the money.

  46. Luke (verified owner)

    The torch is pretty good at picking up the stains/odours. Was hoping for it to make them more obvious but for the price this is pretty decent.

  47. Fiona Greasley (verified owner)

    Excellent Service and Product – omg I’ve got a weekend of spots to clean up now 🙂 Perfect torch to detect where our puppy has gone in the last 6 months! I have already started highly recommending you to family and friends 🙂

  48. david (verified owner)

    use this to set uv resin and it works a treat . It is much cheaper than any other one i could find , and works perfectly.

  49. Mandie (verified owner)

    after reading all the reviews on here, I purchased one as our spare room smelled of cat urine and I couldn’t work out wear, Was so shocked to see just how much areas were stained after using the torch, blown away is all I can really say and have since detected more areas in other parts of the house. ew..Great customer service as well. Highly recommend, Thank you!

  50. Joan (verified owner)

    Great product which clearly revealed cat urine spots around the house – was quite a shock to see! The price is very reasonable too with easy ordering and prompt delivery.

  51. Twylla (verified owner)

    UV light works great. The urine won’t light up bright white, more like a dull highlighter yellow if that makes sense. You need to do it when it is pitch black outside, with all the lights off. Make sure you have good batteries as old ones makes the light duller. Lights up really well with proper batteries. Thanks!

  52. Jim (verified owner)

    Great service highly recommended the light does the job was a shock to see the amount of stains on our carpet.
    Carpet cleaner on its way this weekend.

  53. Jason Doughty (verified owner)

    The UV light is great – I got it to cure a UV resin for fly tying (I tie the flies myself) and charge the luminous flies for trout fishing at night.

  54. Jude (verified owner)

    We bought the torch to look for cat urine stains on carpets and curtains. It may be a small torch, but it works really well and showed stains up that we had no idea about! It’s definitely strong enough for our purposes, and much cheaper than others online that I looked at – it’s just what we needed, thanks.

  55. Pip Sullivan (verified owner)

    I thought your service was very prompt and efficient, I am pleased with the Odorex UV blacklight torch, it was a very good price. I bought it to use alongside a product called glitter bug that we use with our students and our technical institute to teach handwashing. Glitterbug glows in the dark under UV light if the students have not washed their hands adequately. The torch that we purchased was small but perfect for the job we wanted it to do.

  56. steven walker (verified owner)

    great service, great price, I would buy another one again without any hesitation. we use the lights to find scorpions
    thank you steven walker

  57. Barbara and Sarah Wills (verified owner)

    I purchased a bottle of germx from fishpond as my daughter was conducting a science fair project on homemade foaming soap, the uv light that came with the product was to small and totally ineffective for her requirements. Thankfully after a search online I found your torch and delivery was fast. The torch was most adequate for the task and the cost reasonable compared to other larger and more expensive products. Thank you for saving her project.

  58. Jim (verified owner)

    Much easier to use that the flouro lights. Best in complete darkness, give your eyes a moment or two to adjust. Most cat wee shows up fine. Did find that wee from our really old cat (20 years) with kidney disease doesn’t show much. I suspect that’s because it’s mainly water because she drinks so much.
    If you are ordering the Deoderiser as well, get more. That smell isn’t coming from just one place!

  59. Ange (verified owner)

    Haven’t stopped cleaning since I got this little beauty. Saved me hours trying to find where the stray had sprayed. Excellent product.

  60. Caro

    This is great for showing up pet urine stains. It is best to use it in a dark unlit room while up close to the suspected areas, but it works well.

  61. Linda Anderson-Hale (verified owner)

    Fast service. It is amazing how many old stains you find with the black light. Well worth the money.

  62. Debbie (verified owner)

    The torch works brilliantly in a dark room. Unfortunately, we were able to see that our cat has done a lot of marking – more than we had suspected 🙁 Odorex customer service was great and delivery of the torch was fast. Thank you.

  63. Christine Gibb (verified owner)

    Amazing. BUT you might be shocked with what you find. We have moved into a rental property while our house is being rebuilt. Our dog started marking in the house at night time and after cleaning this area he still persisted on marking here. I purchased the Blacklight Torch, OMG, shock horro, the amount of old urine stains from previous dogs that had been in this houe was incredible. Torch certainly did its job though.

  64. Marion Payne

    The UV light is scary. I did not realise how much residue was left after cleaning and or shampooing. Thankfully I can use frequently to keep on top of cleaning and keep my home much fresher.

  65. Robert (verified owner)

    Fast service, reasonable price, good torch to highlight urine stains.

  66. Martin (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, and the light works as advertised. It helps to spot any organic messes that might need cleaning. It shows the difference between black and ordinary light at night in the garden as well. Very useful item.

  67. tim bolt (verified owner)

    the cheapest article is quite often not the best however in this case it really does work well,well done and thankyou

  68. sam (verified owner)

    Good product, easy pick up instructions. Happy purchase 🙂

  69. Emma Haughey (verified owner)

    purchasing the product was simple and easy, it arrived fast and the product received was of great quality. We used this product for a school experiment to learn more about UV light and understand is effects of luminescence.

  70. Kees Korndorffer (verified owner)

    Fast response and great communication. The UV torch is great and really works. It was the only one I could find in NZ without having to pay a high price! I would thoroughly recommend this company and product.

  71. Steve Tasker (verified owner)

    Good service, fast delivery, good product

  72. Vicki (verified owner)

    With 5 cats and 2 dogs we have a busy household and the odd issue that most pet owners can identify with! We used the torch to super effect and picked up several previously unknown areas of concern and were able to treat them easily. We now run a patrol once a week to ensure we have everything under control – quick, easy and provides peace of mind. After two weeks we have already noticed less issues occurring. Thanks for a great, easy to use product.

  73. Regina (verified owner)

    Great service and very fast delivery.

  74. kaye (verified owner)

    service is fast and efficient. good service

  75. Rob (verified owner)

    This company has given fast and efficient service and I would thoroughly recommend them. The UV torch has worked well. We are in the accommodation industry and use the black light to detect urine in the carpet. It works best with reduced or no light in the room and the torch will show the areas that have been affected . We can then use carpet cleaners to eliminate the problems. Very good for pet owners!

  76. warrick (verified owner)

    Dear odorex teams,

    I would say this company and its staff is friendly and very understanding on every level of its customer’s needs and situations.
    Their service is the best and fast.
    Will bring more customers to this company.
    Very happy about this company and its staff : )

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