Odorex® Professional Pet Shampoo Concentrate

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  • An economical shampoo concentrate formulated for pet professionals.
  • Formulated from non-toxic, biodegradable, odour neutralising ingredients.
  • Delivers a deep clean leaving a healthy, lustrous easy to manage coat.
  • Includes a lasting fragrance with sweet smelling results.
  • PH balanced so safe to use on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and other companion and farm animals.
  • Gentle on bathers’ hands.
  • Dilute to suit. Recommended dilution rate 10 – 30:1 depending on water hardness.
  • 100ml sample for pet care professionals ONLY. (max 1 per customer).
  • Available in 5L containers – discount available for orders of 20L or more.
  • Hand pumps also available.

Additional information

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 24 × 26 cm
Active Ingredients

Biodegradable surfactants and odour neutralisers.


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23 reviews for Odorex® Professional Pet Shampoo Concentrate

  1. Mobile Bathtime for Dogs

    Thanks again for the sample of Odorex Professional Pet Shampoo Concentrate. I really liked the smell and it worked well with my extremely dirty dogs. The stronger the smell the better for the dog, especially large breeds more so than small breeds. Being a ‘mobile groomer’ I do so many large breeds and need stronger smelling shampoos. The smell didn’t disappear either.

  2. Pyes Pa Kennels & Cattery (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the results of the Odorex Professional Pet Shampoo Concentrate. The shampoo has a very nice fresh smell and the dog’s coat looks really healthy and shiny after using it.

  3. Sheila Morris

    I have used my sample of shampoo and was very impressed, I have one of my poodles who scratches and it didn’t irritate his skin which a lot of shampoos do.

  4. Pinkys Boarding and Grooming Ltd

    We have tried the Odorex Professional Pet Shampoo sample and I am very impressed, in the near future hope to have the funds to purchase some for retail in our shop.

  5. Verna’s Pet Grooming (verified owner)

    We were happy with Odorex Professional Pet Shampoo Concentrate, found the aroma very pleasant and the shampoo good to work with. Clients liked the smell when they picked up their pets so all in all a great product

  6. Top Notch Boarding Kennels (verified owner)

    Have been trying the Odorex Professional Pet Shampoo Concentrate and so far I’m very happy with it. The dogs smell great after and none have had a reaction so far. We go through quite alot of shampoo here as we wash dogs that are here for long stays and of course the white ones that tend to get dirty when they play.

  7. P&R Auckram

    I found Odorex Professional Pet Shampoo had a good moisturising feel to it and foamed very well. I gave our male 2 washes and and can assure you that the water was black! So it did a great job of removing all the dirt etc. I used it again today on our pet Labrador as she is shedding her winter coat. Again, I found it foamed up really well and cleansed her fur right to the skin. After a comb through & a dry up her coat looks great!

  8. Barndale

    We used the Odorex Professional Pet Shampoo on a very strong smelling English Bulldog as well as a couple of border collieX dogs. The shampoo smells really good (very fruity) and lathers well. The dogs seemed to like it as much as we did and the shampoo did not leave a lingering sickly perfumed scent. We liked the way the dogs smelled fresh and clean without a strong ‘just had a bath’ smell.

  9. Happypawz Kennels & Cattery

    I have been using Odorex Professional Pet Shampoo Concentrate on my two LH chihuahua’s and it is great. It smells nice and gets them real clean.

  10. Verna Holland (verified owner)

    We were happy with the product, found the aroma very pleasant and the shampoo good to work with. Clients liked the smell when they picked up their pets so all in all a great product.

  11. Jan – Darilance Kennels (verified owner)

    I found washing the dogs with this shampoo gives excellent results and leaves them looking and smelling great. It has a terrific fragrance and is economical to use.

  12. barkcitygroomers@paradise.net.nz (verified owner)

    What can I say?? WOW!! This product is amazing, leaves coats feeling like they have been washed and cleaned. Lasts longer than other products I have tried and being a dog groomer, I have tried heaps. Thank you for a wonderful product. We have happy clients again 🙂

  13. nz.groomer@gmail.com (verified owner)

    We are using Odorex Professional Pet Shampoo every day at the grooming salon as I am absolutely happy with quality of this product : great cleaning power and no allergic reactions on dogs and our hands! Our costomers noticed great smell at our salon, thats means clean grooming place plus Odorex!

    Anastasia Shadrina
    Master groomer

  14. Jean (verified owner)

    The shampoo left our two Golden Retrievers looking and smelling superb and it lasts longer than other dog shampoos. It is economical and a great product

  15. tony bontoft (verified owner)

    That we use this and it work a treat

  16. Mrs C Caldwell (verified owner)

    We had been looking for a good dog shampoo for quite some time and we found this product through the internet .We LOVE this product! It is the absolute best shampoo we have ever used. As well as having a great smell , it left our long haired border collie’s coat free of tangles, shiny and soft . I would happily recommend this (and I have given a sample to friends and family to try) to anyone looking for a great quality dog shampoo. Thanks Bronwyn—-great people to deal with.

  17. Tamsen Woodard (verified owner)

    Purchased this product this year and very happy with the results. I am not a professional groomer but do have 3 pugs, a french bulldog and a german shepherd puppy, as they are inside dogs they used to need bathing once a week. I have found with this product that the dogs smell better for longer and bathing them is now down to every 2-3 weeks.
    Their coats are beautiful and people comment on them all the time Love this product and will definitely purchase again.

  18. Bethells Farmstay for Dogs (verified owner)

    We have been using this shampoo for over 2 years now & love it. All our clients remark on how nice their dogs smell when they pick them up & a little goes a long way. We wouldn’t try anything else as we are so happy with this product.. Its really easy to order & Bronwyn is great to deal with.

  19. Anglea Anderson (verified owner)

    We trialled Odorex shampoo at our grooming parlors, Angels Grooming in Massey and The Posh Pooch in Howick. We wash our dogs twice and have tried it for both shampoos and for second shampoo only and in both cases the results were really good. The dogs came up as clean as you would expect as well as leaving the coat with a lovely clean fragrance that is not overpowering but our customers have reported the dogs kept smelling clean for longer than usual. The price is great for such a good quality product.

  20. K9 Retreat (verified owner)

    Happy to have bought and tried this. A lovely shampoo that lathers nicely and all odours are removed quickly and leaves the dog smelling fresh.
    I finish off with a deodoriser pump spray and blow dry before the client leaves. Clients LOVE the smell.
    Awesome product. Highly recommend.

  21. Claire (verified owner)

    Love this shampoo , smells amazing and so economical. You don’t need much but leaves all my grooms soft and smelling beautiful.

  22. Deb (verified owner)

    I used the shampoo on 3 puppies that went to the vet this morning and it was a great product, good lather and rinsed out easy and nice smell .

  23. Emily (verified owner)

    I have recently tried this shampoo for the first time and will definitely be ordering again. It’s great value and leaves the coat in great condition. It also has a pleasant aroma which isn’t too overpowering.

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