Thanks for calling in the other week with a sample of your litter.  I have had a chance to try this now and I am very impressed – it’s a good product and nicely packaged.

Vicki-Marie Thompson

I have been using it and cats prefer the tray with your litter as to the pellets I was using and it does smell nicer…….Just to let you know tried your cat litter this week Absolutely love it 100%. It is a lot like the Breeders Cellect you can buy from Countdown which I use for the kittens I breed but yours is softer, does that make sense!!  I think it is fabulous and can’t find anything wrong with it

John Dunn

We have now trialled your new litter product and are impressed.  We think you are on to a good thing.

  • The product is easy to dispense and use
  • Light weight, compared to alternatives
  • Does not require a lining on the bottom of the litter tray
  • Goes a long way as:
    • Solids can be picked out cleanly, without leaving spoilage in the remainder of the litter.  This enables it to be used without the need for total replacement
    • Wet areas can be removed, also without spoilage spreading to the remainder of the litter.  We simply used a garden trowel to lift it out
  • Odourless
  • Cats are happy to use it

Louise Nixon

I found the product very good, especially with the natural Lavender smell which is similar to cat nip or is part of the same plant family.  The product is very light easy to handle especial when it is full of cat “business”, it does track a little,  but it is to be expected and it is easy to clean up. I notice as well the lack of cat urine smell which is lovely, and the natural Lavender smell is far better than the other chemical scents which are found in the other products I have tried in the past.  It is not too dusty and my asthmatic cat responded well with it.

Sharon Jose

Two of the committee that were present have used their sample packs, both agree that it was the best product that they had used so far, it is brilliant, they both said.  One has apparently contacted you to order more and asked about bulk buying. The other found it so good she has given one of the sample pack to one of her kitten buyers to try along with one of your coupon vouchers, and is also wanting to know about bulk buying. So all up I would say you are on to a winner.

Purdey M

My partner and I have been using your product Odorex®Deodoriser For Cats for our elderly female cat who has a weak bladder. We have found nothing else as effective for treating cat urine in our carpets!


Thank you for marketing such a wonderful product as Odorex® Animal Odour Eliminator. I have 12 cats (two of which are entire toms) and they do like to leave their little traces around the place. Like everyone else I have tried everything on the market to no avail until I came across Odorex® Animal Odour Eliminator and now am a regular purchaser. I am now going to try your Odorex® Kennel Clearner Concentrate for the cattery. Keep up the good work and thanks for making catlovers lives more pleasant.

Fran R

At last – Something that works. I have been away for three months and although my three cats had someone looking after them really well, they still left their mark and smell! I tried everything to get rid of the smell and then I saw advertised in a mailing brochure Odorex® Deodoriser For Cats so I decided to try that. And yes it did work. I really was impressed, because I cannot stand the smell of cats in a house.

P&R Auckram

I found Odorex® Professional Pet Shampoo had a good moisturising feel to it & foamed very well. I gave our male 2 washes and and can assure you that the water was black! So it did a great job of removing all the dirt etc. I used it again today on our pet Labrador as she is shedding her winter coat.  Again, I found it foamed up really well and cleansed her fur right to the skin.  After a comb through & a dry up her coat looks great!

Cathy Wheeler

Cathy - Bathtime For Dogs

Thanks again for the sample of Odorex® Professional Pet Shampoo Concentrate.  I really liked the smell and it worked well with my extremely dirty dogs. The stronger the smell the better for the dog, especially large breeds more so than small breeds. Being a ‘mobile groomer’ I do so many large breeds and need stronger smelling shampoos. The smell didn’t disappear either.

Christine Jonston

Christine's Kittens

I used Odorex® Animal Odour Eliminators and Odorex® Deodoriser for Cats and found them to be absolutely fabulous and that I wish I had known about them previously like the last 15yrs.  I use them regularly and will not need to use anything else as they are so effective. It really has transformed my life especially with so many animals. Lovely scent but not over powering. The products are sensational and of course I recommend it to my friends with animals as well.

Janet Christophersen

Janet & Colin Christophersen - Barndale

We used the Odorex® Professional Pet Shampoo on a very strong smelling English Bulldog as well as a couple of border collieX dogs.  The shampoo smells really good (very fruity) and lathers well. The dogs seemed to like it as much as we did and the shampoo did not leave a lingering sickly perfumed scent. We liked the way the dogs smelled fresh and clean without a strong ‘just had a bath’ smell.

Gaye Munnerley

Top Notch Boarding Kennels - Rodney & Saga

Have been trying the Odorex Professional Pet Shampoo Concentrate & so far I’m very happy with it. The dogs smell great after & none have had a reaction so far. We go through quite a lot of shampoo here as we wash dogs that are here for long stays & of course the white ones that tend to get dirty when they play.

Linda B

I’ve used Odorex Foot and Shoe Deodoriser – Original for at least 15 years now.  The Gold Coast is a hot, humid climate that is very unkind to closed-in shoes, quickly leading to smelly feet and awful smelly shoes. Principally I used it for work shoes but also sprinkled the magic powder into my running shoes.  Odorex has maintained all my shoes 100% odour free and now I use it on my heavy duty hiking boots.  Odorex actually works, no if’s but’s or maybe’s – it works.  It’s the best product on the market simply because it actually works!