PAWS Pet Litter

A story of local innovation, regional manufacture and kiwi ingenuity. Nearly twenty five years ago New Zealand geologists Dr Ray Merchant and Peter Roberts discovered Zeolite deposits near Rotorua which became the basis of the first local pet litter operation in NZ. Fast forward ten years and Dr Merchant, with five cats of his own, […]

A Comparison of Common Pet Litters

How To Choose a Cat Litter

Pet litter, animal litter, cat Litter, kitty litter….no matter what you call it it’s not a very thrilling topic…. so why would anyone get excited by it, let alone write about it? Well, believe it or not, there is science behind it and it has to please a fickle end-user, the cat (who after-all rules […]

Toilet Training Older Dogs

Toilet Training Older Dogs

A fully house-trained adult dog should have the chance to eliminate outside at least four times a day. However not all dogs behave and some adolescent or adult dogs (over six months of age) will urinate or defecate inside the house. Normally it’s only in certain locations e.g. in rooms you don’t often use, or […]