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Top Tips for Healthy Feet in Winter

Boots in Puddle

It feels like we’ve had the wettest winter that I can recall here in Auckland, New Zealand! Spring is thankfully just around the corner so our days are warming up. but rain is forecast to continue for a while yet and it’s still a bit chilly to be running round bare foot, even inside. All this is wonderful news for the bacteria and fungi that thrive in damp warm homes like our shoes and feet! So how do we keep our feet healthy and our shoes odour free during winter? Here’s a few top tips:


  1. Wear good quality shoes that don’t let the water in and are quick to dry. Try to dry your footwear out after use in the direct sunlight e.g. tie them to the clothesline. If they still feel damp the next time you go to wear them, choose another pair if possible.
  2. Wear quality socks that wick moisture away from your feet. Socks should be discarded to the laundry immediately after use – don’t be tempted to wear a second time.
  3. Go barefoot inside your home or at least open toed slippers. Avoid putting socks or slippers on straight after your shower as your body temerpature needs to adjust and your feet need to dry completely before covering them up.


  1. It’s a great idea to give your feet a quick wash (preferably with soapy water) when you get home and thoroughly dry them.
  2. Before you shower and while feet are dry, scrub with a pumice or a foot scruber to remove dry dead skin (odour causting bacteria love feeding on dead skin cells).
  3. Keep nails short – the longer your nails are the more surface for bacteria and fungi to live on and under.

If you’re prone to smelly feet and footwear then a treatment of Odorex Foot & Shoe Deodoriser for seven days will eliminate foot and shoe odour and help prevent athletes foot.

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