The following testimonials were gathered either prior to our website launch or emailed to us.

Current reviews placed directly by customers can be found on each product page.

We were happy with Odorex Professional Pet Shampoo Concentrate, found the aroma very pleasant and the shampoo good to work with. Clients liked the smell when they picked up their pets so all in all a great product.

I’ve used Odorex Foot and Shoe Deodoriser – Original for at least 15 years now.  The Gold Coast is a hot, humid climate that is very unkind to closed-in shoes, quickly leading to smelly feet and awful smelly shoes. Principally I used it for work shoes but also sprinkled the magic powder into my running shoes.  Odorex has maintained all my shoes 100% odour free and now I use it on my heavy duty hiking boots.  Odorex actually works, no if’s but’s or maybe’s – it works.  It’s the best product on the market simply because it actually works!

Have been trying the Odorex Professional Pet Shampoo Concentrate & so far I’m very happy with it. The dogs smell great after & none have had a reaction so far. We go through quite a lot of shampoo here as we wash dogs that are here for long stays & of course the white ones that tend to get dirty when they play.

We used the Odorex® Professional Pet Shampoo on a very strong smelling English Bulldog as well as a couple of border collieX dogs.  The shampoo smells really good (very fruity) and lathers well. The dogs seemed to like it as much as we did and the shampoo did not leave a lingering sickly perfumed scent. We liked the way the dogs smelled fresh and clean without a strong ‘just had a bath’ smell.

I used Odorex® Animal Odour Eliminators and Odorex® Deodoriser for Cats and found them to be absolutely fabulous and that I wish I had known about them previously like the last 15yrs.  I use them regularly and will not need to use anything else as they are so effective. It really has transformed my life especially with so many animals. Lovely scent but not over powering. The products are sensational and of course I recommend it to my friends with animals as well.