What can I use on cat urine in my carpets?

Cat urine in carpets and other porous surfaces is a significant problem, primarily because it usually goes undetected for a long time and the cat keeps soiling the same area. The urine itself has very little odour but once it starts to decay it becomes a problem. The first stage of decay produces amines (ammonia) which are unpleasant. The second stage of decay produces mercaptans which are the real problem. With a carpet this almost always means the urine has soaked through the carpet and into the floor. In spite of product and carpet cleaner claims this odour cannot be eliminated by spraying or cleaning because neither will go down as deep as the urine.

The only solution is to thoroughly soak the soiled area with a quality odour eliminator. We recommend Odorex® Deodoriser For Cats which will eliminate odours, even after all sorts of other remedies have been tried. It will work where enzyme-based products yield poor results. Enzyme products are not compatible with detergents and germicides and usually there will be a residue of one or both in the carpet from earlier treatments.

Simply pour Odorex® Deodoriser For Cats onto the problem area making certain that you have covered the soiled area completely and with enough volume to soak through the carpet and into the floor beneath. An added benefit is stain removal – this product effectively removes fresh animal stains from most flooring materials.