Can I use your products outside in the kennel?

For large establishments such as boarding kennels and catteries we recommend Odorex® Kennel Cleaner Concentrate – a unique sanitising treatment which contains powerful odour neutralising agents to react with, and neutralise, a wide range of malodours associated with pets. This product contains surfactants for a cleaning action to remove soiling and an anti-bacterial agent to disinfect and kill any odour causing bacteria. It has been carefully formulated and tested to ensure it does not cause any allergic or irritant reactions.

Odorex® Kennel Cleaner is supplied as a concentrate in 1 litre bottles and 5L Jerrycans which makes it an economical cleaning and deodorising solution. The recommended dilution rate is one part Kennel Cleaner to 25 parts clean water. It can be applied with a mop, broom, simply sprayed or water blasted on areas requiring treatment. See what other uses our customers have come up with in our testimonials.