My dog rubs his bottom on the carpet – what can I do?

The liquid in anal sacs has a particularly obnoxious odour. Some animals when frightened will empty their anal sacs, much to the consternation of anyone around them. The emptying of anal sacs is a standard veterinary procedure. No matter the cause of an anal sac being emptied, some action must be taken as immediately as possible. First wipe up all of the liquid that is visible with a disposable rag. It’s a good idea to wrap the disposable rag before putting it into the trash with something that is a good vapour barrier such as aluminium foil. If plastic is used, use many layers because plastic is not a particularly good vapour barrier. At this point an ideal product to use is Odorex® Animal Odour Eliminator. Saturate spray all areas that the anal sac liquid came in contact with and let dry.