Foot Odour

Foot and ShoeDeodoriser

At some point in life everyone will experience or encounter smelly feet and footwear. The good news is you can take steps to minimise the chances of having smelly feet and shoes Here are our tips.

Mix It Up

Don’t wear the same pair of shoes for two days in a row, your shoes need to fully dry and air out before you wear them again.

Shoe Deodoriser

Use a high-quality foot and shoe deodoriser like the Odorex foot and shoe odour products to get rid of smells.


Make sure you wash your feet regularly and more often when they get wet or excessively sweaty. Antibacterial soap is best.


Dry your feet thoroughly before putting on socks or shoes.

Change Socks

Change your socks at frequently so your feet stay dry. It goes without saying – don’t wear shoes without socks if you want to avoid foot odour!

Choose Shoes that Breathe

Your feet will sweat less and if you wear shoes that can breathe.

Air Well

Shoes need time to air and dry before you wear them again. The best place to air shoes is in the sun. This will also help kill the odour causing bacteria that thrive in moist dark places.

Go Without

Spend time barefoot or wear sandals instead of socks and shoes.