Foot and Shoe Odour Removers – Flash Sale

Odorex Foot and Shoe Deodorisers eliminate smelly feet and stinky shoes and promote healthy feet by preventing tinea and athletes foot.

Odorex is scientifically proven to kill the bacteria and fungi that cause smelly feet and foot infections. It only takes one daily treatment for seven days to completely eliminate odour from your shoes and the effects last on average six months. One flask is more than enough for a family for a year!

Our foot and shoe deodorant formula was developed by founding partner Dr R.J. Merchant in 1988 and is now sold in pharmacies, shoe stores and podiatrists throughout New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea, China and the US.

Buy today and eliminate smelly feet and shoes once and for all!

We have re-branded, so our end of line stock is now on sale while stocks last!