Odour Eliminator

Pet Odour Eliminator Spray

Eliminating pet odours can be difficult. Even if you regularly wash your pet, odours can still stubbornly remain. Frustratingly, most pet odour eliminator sprays aren’t that effective. They may cover up the smell initially but it soon comes back.

At Odorex, however, we offer pet odour eliminator spray products that have a proven record. Our animal odour eliminator sprays are used by pet owners, vets, kennels, catteries, breeders and groomers.

Dog and cat odour eliminator sprays – our products do it all. Browse the range now.

The Odorex Difference

Our pet odour eliminator sprays are professional strength. You can spray them directly onto your pet to neutralise bad smells and you can use them to neutralise on urine, smeling pet bedding, cat litter trays, or your pet’s cage.

Most importantly our animal odour eliminator sprays don’t mask odours. Instead, they permanently eliminate the smell with long-lasting results.

Our products even work on odours that are hard to get rid of. This includes the powerful smells than come from your pet’s anal gland secretions as well as odours from faeces, urine, necrotic tissue, tomcat spray, and vomit.

Our range is non-toxic and safe for both pets and people. Place your order today.