Odour Removal

Odours from pets like cats and dogs can be a challenge to remove. Most general household cleaners don’t contain the powerful deodorising features of a specialised dog and cat odour remover. At best, they mask the smell for a short period of time before it returns.

This is why you need to choose specialist pet odour removal products such as the Odorex range. We have spent over twenty years perfecting our products so we can produce the best pet odour removers on the market.

Our products are not generic nor are they designed as a one size fits all odour removal solution. Instead, they are aimed specifically at pet odour and are highly effective.

Features of Our Odour Removal Products

·      Permanently remove odours rather than simply masking them

·      Non-toxic and biodegradable so safe for you and your pets.

·     Products to use directly on your pets as well as products suitable for most use on most surfaces and materials including carpet, pet bedding, cat litter trays, artificial grass, concrete, walls, lino, wooden floors and more.

·      Effective at Shop Nowthe toughest pet odours including anal gland secretions, urine, faeces, and more

·      NZ Made, excellent customer service and affordable prices

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