Pet deodoriser

Pet Deodoriser Products

We love our pets but sometimes they make our homes a bit smelly. We can get so used to pet smells that we don’t notice them until a visitor lets us know.

It can be difficult to eliminate pet odour with general cleaning products so instead you need specialist pet deodorisers that are specifically designed to get rid of unwanted pet smells.

At Odorex, we offer a wide range of pet deodorising products that will eliminate bad smells from animal accidents like cat pee, dog urine, animal vomit, smelly coats and more leaving your house smelling fresh and clean again. All our products are non-toxic and biodegradable, and manufactured in NZ.

Our Odorex Pet Deodoriser Range

Our range includes:

·      A general animal odour eliminator spray

·      Special deodoriser to eliminate cat pee smell

·      Special deodoriser spray for smelly dog coats

·      A concentrated formula to clean and deodorise kennels and catteries 

We also offer pet deodorising shampoos plus a range of other products designed to keep your pets and home smelling nice.

Why Choose Us?

·      Best range of pet deodorising products in New Zealand

·      All our products have a proven track record – just read the reviews

·      Ordering from our website is safe and secure

·      We handle any size of order, including bulk orders if you want to stock our pet deodorising products in your store

·      Our prices are competitive even though they are specialist products

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