Pet Shampoo Concentrate

Do you own a grooming salon, doggy daycare, kennel, veterinary clinic, or animal rescue and regularly require pet shampoo products? Whether you need products to stock or to use on the pets you care for, we can help.

Odorex Professional Pet Shampoo Concentrate is gentle and effective at cleaning both the skin and coat of the animal. It also contains deodorising properties, so is ideal for your extra smelly dog customers.

Your customers will love the smell of their pets after using our shampoo. Place your order today for our shampoo concentrate.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Odorex when looking for a pet shampoo concentrate because: 

·      Our range of products are NZ Made and have been trusted by professionals and pet owners across the country for over twenty years.

·      Our shampoos are specially designed to clean and deodorise while being gentle on your pet.

·      Excellent customer service from our highly knowledgeable team

Place your shampoo concentrate order today.