Deodorizing Pet Shampoo

Deodorising Pet Shampoo

Our Odorex Deodorising Pet Shampoo will leave your pet’s coat feeling fantastic and free from spells. It is a rich lathering shampoo that’s easy to apply and work into the coat of your pet.

Our shampoo is specially designed to deal with even the most stubborn of odours. We use our knowledge and many years of research to make the best deodorising dog shampoo on the market. Order today.

Keeping Your Pet’s Coat Clean and Smell-Free

Getting a deodorising pet shampoo that cleans your dog is essential, but it’s also important you use a gentle dog shampoo. The shampoos in our range clean your pet’s skin and coat. Our pet shampoos also have an odour neutraliser to get rid of unpleasant pet smells, leaving behind a nice smelling fragrance.

While highly effective, our pet shampoo is also gentle on your pet’s coat and skin. It’s safe to use on all pets and manufactured from non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients so gentle on your hands too.

Not only will your pet be clean and free from odour after being washed with our shampoo, but they will also have a healthy, glossy, and beautiful coat.

Browse the range today for the best deodorising pet shampoo at the most competitive prices.