Odorex® Fish-Off Pen Spray


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Product Description

  • Rapidly and permanently eliminates fish odours.
  • Sanitises and acts immediately on contact to neutralise and permanently eliminate unpleasant fishy smells.
  • Recommended for hands, clothing, boat carpets, seat squabs, tackle boxes, bait bins/boards or anywhere fish-related odour is a problem.
  • Safe to use on fabrics, plastic etc.
  • Ideal addition to your tacklebox, glovebox, fishing jacket etc.


  • Remove cap before use.
  • Spray the source of the odour, wet thoroughly with Fish-Off and allow to dry.
  • Safe to use directly on hands, clothes, carpet etc.
  • Very effective with most detergents – simply add to rinse and wash water as required.
  • Helps remove most fish related stains.
  • Avoid application with chlorine based products (bleaches) which reduce the deodorising ability of Odorex® Fish-Off.
  • For maximum safety keep out of reach of children and spot test delicate fabrics before use.
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