Odorex® Foot And Shoe Deodoriser – Original 60g

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Protect your feet from moisture bacteria and infection with Odorex® Foot and Shoe Deodoriser, a unique blend of four active ingredients which rapidly deodorise footwear and provide lasting relief from shoe & feet odour problems.

Scientifically proven to eliminate smelly feet and shoes.

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  • A unique antifungal, antibacterial and antiperspirant powder providing long-lasting relief from smelly feet and footwear problems like tinea/athletes foot.
  • One treatment will eliminate odour problems for up to six months.
  • One flask can treat up to 10 pairs of shoes and keep them odour free for at least a year.
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Weight 0.083 kg
Dimensions 3 × 7 × 12.5 cm
Active Ingedients

Zinc Undecylenate, Calcium Carbonate, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Zinc Oxide, Lemongrass oil.

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  • Shake flask before opening – squeeze flask to puff powder into problem footwear.
  • Shake footwear to disperse powder throughout.
  • Dose daily for seven days until footwear is fresh smelling and odour free.
  • The treatment time should be extended in severe cases.
  • Regular use helps control the organisms which cause tinea.
  • 22 reviews for Odorex® Foot And Shoe Deodoriser – Original 60g

    1. Patricia Connor (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      Keeps my work-wear shoes and boots odour free and tackles toe-nail fungus

    2. Reg Subritzky (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    3. Rob R. (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    4. Cody Preston (verified owner)

      I live in the Middle East where summer temps are close to 50 degrees. This causes some sweaty, smelly shoes. On a recent trip back to New Zealand recently I mentioned to a friend I needed to stock up on my usual foot powder before heading back. They suggested I try Odorex. So I ordered one bottle to try. I was sold! I quickly ordered three more bottles to bring with me back to the desert. Such a good product. I have shared it with friends here and they are all hooked now also! They are all asking when I am heading back to New Zealand as everyone wants more.

    5. Evie (verified owner)

      Great works fantastic

    6. Jay (verified owner)

      So I’m a medical student and go to the gym 5 sometimes 6 times a week. This tends to keep me busy and on my feet. What I noticed however is that my both my pairs of shoes I used for the gym and casually we’re beginning to become smelly. I think for me the worst was attending the physio for an ankle injury and just a bit embarrassed in taking off my shoes because of the smell. So I looked online for foot odor products and came across this product Odorex. So I ordered some bottles optimistic albeit cautious. They we’re delivered very quick and I went on to use them for both my pairs of shoes. Just absolutely spot on in getting rid of all smells. I was so happy with the result! Probably took about 4 – 5 days of treatment and has totally rid any smells from my shoes. Thanks heaps!!!

    7. Cloyd (verified owner)

      I have sprayed odorex in all my shoes and it has worked wonders… no more stinky shoes or feet… i have mentioned odorex to a few friends now who all seem pretty interested… Thanks and Cheers to Odorex!!!

    8. Claire Boyle (verified owner)

      I am so happy with the products I purchased. I had a bottle of foot and shoe deodorizer original that I purchased over four years ago and it was fabulous and has lasted all that time.

    9. Wilson (verified owner)

      I have a very old pair of running shoes that i’ve had for over 6 years now. They’ve been through a lot from daily gym workouts to uphill, muddy hikes. They’re a great pair of shoes that I still use to this day. Unfortunately, I don’t take very good care of them and they had developed a really nasty smell inside of them as you can imagine! Years and years of sweaty, hot, stinky feet inside and I had never treated them with anything (ops! and yeah kinda gross, I know). When I joined my latest gym I noticed that the smell got exceptionally bad. Instead of going out to buy new shoes I decided to buy some Odorex. I added some Odorex to my shoes daily for a week and, wouldn’t you believe it, the smell has disappeared! I’m honestly quite amazed how well this product has worked. It has literally made my old running shoes smell like new again. I can only imagine how much bacteria it has taken care of inside the shoes! I highly recommend this product. I was also very pleased with the free sample of Natural Odorex that I was given – so thoughtful!. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone suffering from smelly shoes!

    10. Matt (verified owner)

      Odorex Foot and Shoe Deodoriser did the trick after a few sprinkles on sports shoes. No more smells!

    11. Pam Owers (verified owner)

      I had a lot of clothing in storage for a few years and it smelled musty. Some of the clothing is washable but some not and after being dried in the sun the smell was still there. Books, sewing stuff – material etc. all my gear that was in storage was musty smelling. I sprinkled Odorex on most of the goods I had stored in the garage, including the soft toys and it helped a lot. Its a good product you have.

    12. Gee (verified owner)

      The best shoe-odour-killer that I’ve ever used!

    13. Reg (verified owner)

      My son works as an engineer and his work boots get sweaty and therefore very smelly, His socks weren’t allowed in our washing machine without first being washed by hand in a bucket. But Odorex Foot and She Deodoriser did what it claims and the smelly stuff has gone, have used it in all of our shoes and sports shoes now with great results. It sure worked so some happy campers back here.

    14. Colleen (verified owner)

      Hi, Firstly thank you for the complimentary Foot & Shoe Deodoriser – Natural. It came in handy as the day after I received it someone mentioned to me about their feet and trying all sorts like white vinegar, baking soda, Vodka? etc. I was happy to pass the sample on to them asking them to let me know how it went as I told them the Odorex Foot & Shoe Deodoriser – Original & Odorex for Cats is brilliant. They were so happy with the product they asked me to order some more for them so must be good 🙂

    15. Lauren

      This product has been amazing for my teenaged son, his smelly feet odour has disappeared since using this. I highly recommended this product it definitely does the job.

    16. Linda B

      I’ve used Odorex Foot and Shoe Deodoriser – Original for at least 15 years now. The Gold Coast is a hot, humid climate that is very unkind to closed-in shoes, quickly leading to smelly feet and awful smelly shoes. Principally I used it for work shoes but also sprinkled the magic powder into my running shoes. Odorex has maintained all my shoes 100% odour free and now I use it on my heavy duty hiking boots. Odorex actually works, no if’s but’s or maybe’s – it works. It’s the best product on the market simply because it actually works!

    17. Annetje Leebody (verified owner)

      Wow wow wow! SUPERB!

    18. Jeni (verified owner)

      Odorex Foot and Shoe Deodoriser is a fantastic product. I use it everyday in my work shoes and now that I’ve discovered it, won’t do without it! Particularly if you start using it from the moment the shoes are new (not too much powder in each shoe)…..they’ll NEVER EVER smell! Yay!

    19. Irene K (verified owner)

      Many thanks for sending the Odorex Foot And Shoe Deodoriser. I am introducing the product to other family members. It is just brilliant!

    20. HL, Auckland

      I have always been a cynic when I have read these marvelous testimonials for some product or other in magazines. But after using Odorex Foot And Shoe Deodoriser I can honestly say what a success it has been for me. My shoes have a new lease of life and I recommend Odorex to anyone with embarrassing foot odour.

    21. RMR

      Thank you for your complementary sample of Odorex Foot And Shoe Deodoriser. My wife and I have only had to use small amounts of the powder over the last month to meet with pleasing results. My shoes, particularly my ‘Nike Airs’, no longer accumulate disgusting smells that are most embarrassing for me at work. This is excellent because I no longer have to soak my shoes in bleach every so often to remove these unpleasantries – something which generally is not good for shoes.

    22. SC, Auckland

      I have tried your product called Odorex Foot And Shoe Deodoriser and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from Tinea. I just put a little in my shoes each morning, let the powder penetrate on my feet during the day. It leaves your feet feeling revived. It really works. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

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