Odorex® Animal Odour Eliminator

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Permanently neutralises common pet odour from urine, faeces, anal gland secretion, vomit, dog odour etc. Also ideal for cat litter trays and puppy toilet training.

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  • A professional strength deodorising spray.
  • Use on animals, accidents, bedding, cages, litter or any companion animal odour.
  • Permanently eliminates, not masks, odours from anal gland secretion, tomcat spray, necrotic tissue, urine, faeces, emesis etc.
  • Can also be used as an air freshener.
  • Ideal for deodorising cat litter trays.
  • Non-toxic and safe to use around pets and people.
  • New Zealand made.
  • Available in most vets and pet stores in NZ.

Treat tough cat pee stains with Odorex Cat Odour Eliminator or larger areas with Pet Cleanup Concentrate. Use Odorex Pet Stain Detector for difficult to find odours.

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  • Odorex® Animal Odour Eliminator works on contact.
  • Spray directly on the source of the odour for fast, permanent relief.
  • If the smell persists, re-apply, making sure that the source of the odour is adequately sprayed.
  • Treat embedded animal odour and carpets, rugs or upholstery stains with Odorex® Deodoriser For Cats.

  • 56 reviews for Odorex® Animal Odour Eliminator

    1. Hine (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    2. Jacqui Divers (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    3. Jonathan T. (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    4. Barbara E. (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      I have used this product for years and nothing else matches it.

    5. Candice (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      This product works so well, removes odors instantly.

    6. Alexy C. (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      Lovely smell. Works great!

    7. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      Great product

    8. Angela Boland (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      I have a cattery and have used a few different products. Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator smells amazing and is great for small jobs.

    9. Heather (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    10. Kylie S. (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      We work with a lot of animals and sometimes it can be a bit smelly. We’ve tried quite a few products and honestly none of them have worked as well as oderex. Once you’ve tried this you’ll never look back.

    11. Jo W. (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      Converted. Does an excellent job!

    12. Robyn W. (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      LOVE this product. We’re introducing a new kitten to exisiting cats (along with some potty training) and there has been plenty of accidental and angry urine. This has been a savior.

    13. Natalie B. (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      Larger quantity would be great 🙂

    14. Natalie Burton (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      Only feedback is that larger quantity would be good

    15. Emma P. (verified owner)

      Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      Love this spray. Smells lovely. My indoor cat is very happy.

    16. Heather (verified owner)

      I was very impressed with the helpfulness and dedication shown by the team at Odorex in trying to solve my odour issue. They were friendly and enthusiastic and helped choose a suitable product for me to try. The delivery was prompt and is a great product. I very highly recommend Odorex and the team, the service was amazing. Thanks guys

    17. emma (verified owner)

      5 out of 5 stars!!!!

      An Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator is so Incredible amazing and non toxic product. It is suitable for cats or even dogs too.

      My indoor cat loves it. After she using the litter. I use an Ordex Animal Odour Eliminator spray and smells so lovely across the room. Even though I can clean the litterbox as well. No one complain of the litter smell or odour at all! I highly recommend this product.

    18. mengni xu

      The Odorex animal odour remover is great. We use it everyday in our doggie daycare, highly recommend!!!

    19. Luisa (verified owner)

      The odour eliminator are great. I use it my rats bedding in between washes and on the furniture.

    20. Andrew Cox (verified owner)

      The Odorex animal odour remover is great. Removed rat urine odour from the shed in a day.

    21. Stacey Gray (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for my delivery, received it today & cant believe how fast it arrived. Also the free shipping is awesome aswell!! Love this product as have used it before & will definitely be recommending you to others. Once again thanks for great service!!

    22. Claire D (verified owner)

      Excellent product for cat bedding, litters and to get rid of that general cat smell to make our home smell fresh again! We use the deodoriser for accidents and the eliminator to remove smells and to stop our kitten remarking the area. Would recommend both if you have a really stubborn kitten that likes things their own way – like ours (or cat).

    23. Yolanda Valdez (verified owner)

      Fantastic product, it eliminates the cat pee smell, leaves a pleasant scent and i love the fact it’s produced locally. Five stars 🙂

    24. emma (verified owner)

      Fantastic product – highly recommend for the cat or even dog owners. Love the lavender smells. Finally get rid of odour. Amazing!

    25. Jess (verified owner)

      Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator is the most amazing product I have ever used for neutralizing animal ( old forgetful cat) odours . It will also remove stains from carpets and fabrics – even the dried out ones. You don’t have to use very much of the product for it to work effectively. I have ordered two more. Totally recommend buying it.

    26. Susan (verified owner)

      One of my two cats is an anxious lad and recently began spraying, I think because of some neighbour cats that have been visiting our yard. I am so glad I found Odorex products! This spray is amazing and I can see why everyone else has given such great reviews. It completely removes that distinctive spray odour, thank goodness.

    27. Jess (verified owner)

      Fantastic product, use it for everything from litter boxes to bedding and it does a great job of dealing with any smells.

    28. Nick and Su Engelmann (verified owner)

      We’ve used Odorex for years here in Cairns to help eliminate pet odour from our dog and three cats. Its the only thing that we could find that would effectively eliminate the odour all together. We use it at every kitty litter change to help eliminate that acrid stink! Have used it in a squeeze bottle to help remove smells from carpets and our lounge and it works a treat. Our only disappointment is the lack of a retailer here in Cairns in Far North Queensland.

    29. Estelle Pindur (verified owner)

      I would also like to mention the wonderful customer service we received from our local supplier thank you

    30. Estelle Pindur (verified owner)

      We have a toy Schnauzer who is very well behaved with her toilet habits but during our recent stormy wet weather she decided one evening to go inside rather than out !!! The odour was very strong even after washing that area thoroughly. We have used the Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator and it has worked a treat . Fantastic product and a very pleasant fresh smell . Will always keep some on hand .

    31. Dianne

      With three dogs and a cat and a wet winter…. finding the Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator has made a big difference…… love the freshness.that eliminates the wet doggy smell .. it is a wonderful product. and does all that it claims. Find it great in the car too. I appreciate the positive customer service and being able to purchase online. Highly recommend to pet owners.

    32. Sharyn Tait (verified owner)

      We have 2 cats and bought the Odorex Spray Animal Odor Eliminator and love it. We have 3 covered in dirt boxes and clean them regularly, but a spray of odor eliminator keeps it fresh smelling in between cleans, but its also great in the laundry when there are dirty smelly sports clothes waiting to be washed, or in the car for a freshen up. Would recommend this to any pet owner.

    33. Gordon Rosewall (verified owner)

      We have a compressed bamboo wooden floor and were concerned about the effect of the Odorex spray on our flooring however, we need not have worried as there has been no marking at all. The scent of Odorex is most pleasant and totally eliminates the smell of our puppies toilet training mishaps. Odorex has lived up to everything they said it would do.

    34. Trisha Crumpton (verified owner)

      We used Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator to get rid of the smell of a dead rat that had got caught and died in the wall of our sewing machine room. The smell was unbearable but after removing most of the dead rat and spraying the area with Odorex we were once again able to use the room. Best thing was the lovely people at Odorex sent us a bottle free as they had missed our call – great service!

    35. Jenny Poole (verified owner)

      It is a long time since I have needed to replace my odorex product! I was delighted to find how easy it was to place an order yesterday & receive it today. The service was exceptional. I must not leave placing the next order so long. The product is wonderful. We have 2 Basset Hounds & always like the house to smell TOPS!! At the moment we have property on the market so are delighted to have the spray this time. I used to mix the concentrate & spray that. This is much easier at the moment.

    36. Barbara Everiss (verified owner)

      This is an amazing product. It works wonders and smells so nice.I have tried others, but nothing matches Odorex. I was so happy to see I could buy it online and have recommended it to many of my friends. Excellent customer service. Thank you so much for the ease of ordering.

    37. Rowan Macrae (verified owner)

      We have three Siamese who have taken exception to the Birman who lives down the road. The BIrman is a lovely chap but had been used to treating our house and section as his own space while the house was being built. Lots of territorial behaviour as a consequence – in spite of our microchip-activated cat door. Thank you, Odorex, for dealing with the evidence! About to order my next bottle!

    38. Kaley (verified owner)

      Excellent product! I used to be able to source this locally, but unfortunately the store moved to another brand line. I was delighted to find it available online and found obtaining it a breeze. Will come straight here in future.

    39. Joan (verified owner)

      I came across Odorex Odour Eliminator by chance by googling to find a better alternative to what I was using and am very pleased with the product. It’s cheaper and not only does it totally eliminate any odours from my cat (that has been spraying for about 6 months) but it has effectively deterred him from repeating this behaviour.
      The scent is very pleasant and unobtrusive – I haven’t needed to use as such but it would make a good room air freshener.

    40. Lucy Moore (verified owner)

      This stuff works brilliantly. I spray my dogs bedding, his favourite rug and even the hound himself when he gets a bit stinky. It’s pretty incredible how quickly and completely it deodorizes anything that it is sprayed on. I highly recommend!

    41. Lesley (verified owner)

      Fantastic product … my cat was stressed by the intimidating behaviour of a neighbourhood cat coming into our house to eat her food. She started spraying in the hallway. I tried washing the area with a vinegar solution which didn’t help at all. Then we had a second incident when my cat sprayed in the bedroom – you can imagine: carpeting, bedding … I couldn’t tell exactly where she’d sprayed. But I used a light spray of Odorex randomly on the carpet, walls and the parts of my bedspread that hung down near the floor and within minutes the cat spray odour had completely vanished. I am deeply impressed with the product and I now use it to keep the indoor litter box area odour free. Worth every penny!

    42. Ange (verified owner)

      Great product. Their service was awesome also. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and my poor house was a little wiffy no matter what I did but not any more. Product works wonders. I would wash my dog bedding but it would still smell. So grateful for a product that actually works.

    43. Caro (verified owner)

      Handy spray bottle makes it really easy to use . It works well and when used in conjunction with the cat deodoriser eliminates the urine smells left by my nervy cats. Am lucky to have found a product that work so well.

    44. Christine Gibb (verified owner)

      Fantastic product. Moved into a rental property while our house was being rebuilt. Our Fox Terrier started peeing in one area ofthe house by a chair. After cleaning this area with white vinegar, water and Baking Soda, he still persisted on marking here. I sprayed the area with Odorex Odour Elininator and amazingly this has stopped him. I used each night prior to going to bed for a week, then every other night and now I do not need to bother. Will buy this product again when and if I have to.

    45. Marion Payne

      Realy great product. I spray the cats/dogs bedding and air daily, now I only have to wash it once a week. nice fragrance too.

    46. Pene (verified owner)

      Great product, really got rid of the cat pee smell and had a really nice light fragrance.

    47. Wendy (verified owner)

      Terrific product, smells fantastic and does a great job of getting rid of those smells – I just wish it came in a larger bottle.

    48. Vicki Frewin (verified owner)

      We had a spot in the corner of one room that we weren’t sure if it was one of our dogs or cats going in repeatedly. Cleaning up with other products didn’t help and they kept going. A few sprays with this and it has stopped. No more toilet corner! It smells clean and fresh and I recommend it to anyone.

    49. kaye (verified owner)

      good product. will be buying again when required. great service

    50. naloader@gmail.com (verified owner)

      I bought Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator to see if it would get rid of the doggy smell my puppy is creating. She’s spent more time inside this winter, due to wet weather, than I would like. Also, toilet training over winter is a smelly business! Anyway, I’ve been very happy with the product. I’ve used it on the furniture, carpet, as an air freshener, on the dog’s bed, crate, even the poor wee puppy herself at times. It’s been very effective in getting rid of the doggy smell and other – worse – ones. I particularly like that it is non-toxic and has so many varied applications. That makes it worthwhile in my books. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again or recommend it to others if they’re also suffering from unwanted animal odours.

    51. Josslyn Grieve (verified owner)

      I am onto my second bottle of Odorex Animal Odour Elimator – my friends used up my first bottle.
      It is the most amazing product which completely removes the odour so the animal does not keep going back to the same place.
      It leaves a really nice light smell – I just love this product and have told so many people about it.

    52. Christine Jonston (verified owner)

      I used Odorex Animal Odour Eliminators and Odorex Deodoriser for Cats and found them to be absolutely fabulous and that I wish I had known about them previously like the last 15yrs. I use them regularly and will not need to use anything else as they are so effective. It really has transformed my life especially with so many animals. Lovely scent but not over powering. The products are sensational and of course I recommend it to my friends with animals as well.

    53. Jody

      We had some problem areas in our home where our pet cats would re-spray and urinate (curtain, wooden floor, painted wall). We tried enzyme-based pet odour remover but the cats still returned to the same areas. Since using the Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator there have been no more spraying or urinating incidents, and they are even sleeping next to the places where they used to spray. The urine smell has gone (it was quite noticeable when the sun shone on the curtain). We are very happy with this product and would recommend to others.

    54. Jane H

      Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator is outstanding as I have a dog that lives in a grassless concreted area in my backyard and once a fortnight, I would dilute a bucket of the solution with water and mop over the whole area and all the smells would disappear. I even added some when washing the dogs blankets. Any other product I have since tried just doesn’t work the same.

    55. Purr-On Inn

      Thank you for marketing such a wonderful product as Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator. I have 12 cats (two of which are entire toms) and they do like to leave their little traces around the place. Like everyone else I have tried everything on the market to no avail until I came across Odorex and now am a regular purchaser. I am now going to try your Odorex Kennel Clearner Concentrate for the cattery. Keep up the good work and thanks for making catlovers lives more pleasant.

    56. Heather L

      I have a pedigree cat and she is an inside cat and sleeps in the spare room. This used to get a smell in it that nothing quite took out until we started using Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator both in the air and in her litter box…smell gone and whole house smells nice and most important, cat is not upset about the smell. This cat is a Siamese and they are sensitive to smells and easily upset by them. Thank you Odorex for this product and our sanity this has saved!

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