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  • Made from recycled newsprint and natural minerals.
  • Exceptional absorbency – 250-300%
  • Easy to dispose – simply flush away or add to compost
  • Strong odour control
  • Lightweight
  • All natural
  • Safe, low dust, non-allergenic
  • Moderate clumping
  • Soft and gentle on paws
  • Naturally anitbacterial
  • Lightly scented with Lavender
  • NZ Made with pride
  • Available in 1L 2.5L, 5L & Starter Kit (2 x 2.5L PAWS Pet Litter, tray, scoop, deodorising spray & teaser).
  • For 10L & 20L bags please email


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• 1L should be enough for 1 litter box, this depth will allow your cat to scratch and because PAWS has such high absorbency and semi-clumps, used patches are easily spotted and removed. Similarly fecal matter rapidly dried to pretzel like sticks for easy removal. Extensive testing shows waste rarely reaches the tray itself and clean-up is a breeze.
• A 5L bag should last over a month per cat
• For extending the life of your litter even longer we recommend coupling it’s use with Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator.
• PAWS Pet Litter is very light so we recommend a deep litterbox so litter won’t “spill-out” when your cat steps out of the box.

13 reviews for PAWS Pet Litter

  1. Michell (verified owner)

    What a great product, smells great, nice and light, and my cat loves it, It lasts for ages, and Makes any room smell like lavender, instead of cat pee. I recommend this product to anyone who uses indoor kitty litter boxes. Try it, you will love it. Thank you for finally bringing out a new product which is absolutely the best.

  2. Chris Johnston

    The Paws Pet Litter is really light and absorbent. It has a slight fragrance of lavender.the cats loved it. Easy to dispose of as it is so light not heavy like other litter products.

  3. Janine (verified owner)

    Very good product. It is much better than similar ones that I have used as there is no smell (only lavender!) and it does not disintergrate into sawdust – it holds its shape when wet so much easier to scoop up and dispose of.

  4. Melissa (verified owner)

    This a really great product!! It hardly tracks at all which means hardly any clean up – tracking throughout the laundry, bathroom and carpet was previously a major and constant clean up job using a clay based shop bought product. Paws is so light making disposal is very quick and easy, as well as cleaning the trays – no wet clay to scrub out. And no cat wee smells at all, unlike before. Just lovely lavender.

  5. Ruth (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful product! I have an older cat with arthritis and I went through checking all of the different litters ….and there were a lot….trying to find one which didn’t hurt her feet. She approves of this product. It doesn’t aggravate her feet so she uses the litter, rather than puppy pads, and its other benefits of low tracking and no odor is fantastic.

  6. Alex (verified owner)

    After having issues with the cat weeing inside I set up a litter tray in the garage. I tried the cheaper kitty litters with mixed success. Determined to stop the cat weeing on the carpet, I researched some more options and came across PAWS pet litter. The product works very well, smells nice, and the cat seems very happy to use it all the time. It is very effective at soaking up urine, and does not clump. Very happy to not have the cat peeing on the carpet any more.

  7. Joanne Smith (verified owner)

    My now late elderly puss had no trouble adapting to this litter. I would recommend it even though we only used it for a short time

  8. Hanlie (verified owner)

    Paws Cat litter is amazing – no more stinky litter tray! It does a great job absorbing urine AND smells and it actually still smelt like lavender when it was ready to be thrown out. I loved how it has real bits of lavender in it 🙂 The cats and I were very happy thank you!

  9. Jordana (verified owner)

    What I love about this product is it is natural and easy to dispose of. Worked exactly as the website said it would. Amazing company – they answer all questions promptly, and my order arrived on the same day I ordered it! Exceptional.

  10. Jan Allott

    Really good for kittens, is better than paper litter, good absorbency and easy clean – no smell.

  11. Clarette Soh (verified owner)

    Amazing product. The first day we got it, it eliminated all the smell that was in my garage where our old cat litter was.
    With our previous cat litter, even after we have cleaned it, the smell was still lingering.
    Also very impressed with how easily I can clean this litter by only clearing the solids. The remaining litter lasts for ages!

    The live chat on here is already very fast responding to queries and very helpful. 🙂

  12. Kim (verified owner)

    After receiving great advice from Bronwyn at Odorex regarding an odour in our home, we tried Paws Pet Litter in our guinea pig cage with amazing results. We are so impressed with this product as not only has the odour been eliminated completely, it is so easy to dispose of. It is also entirely safe and non toxic for guinea pigs so really is a multi-purpose product. Thank you so much Bronwyn for recommending and providing us with a fantastic product, amazing customer service and an odour-free home

  13. Oonagh McGirr (verified owner)

    The best cat litter!
    Odour free, eco-sustainable and easy to dispose of.
    Most importantly, my two kitties used it happily and there is no trail of litter in the house.
    No more sore paws!

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