What’s the Difference Between Virucide and Viruclear?

Viruclear is a surface sanitiser developed specifically to help businesses achieve maximum hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has a PH of 7 when diluted and safe to use around people and animals. With only a 30 second contact time it is perfect to use on surfaces throughout the day like high-touch areas, equipment, collars, leads, grooming tables etc. Viruclear dilution is 1:15 and it has a shelf life of 6mths so you need to ensure proper storage and it is recommended you make up only what you need for the day to ensure maximum kill rates. Viruclear is a sanitiser only i.e. you should clean soiled areas fist before using again to ensure maximum virus kill rates. It’s highly likely Viruclear will kill other human and animal viruses but efficacy testing has not been undertaken on these yet.

Virucide is a disinfectant – bactericidal / Fungicidal / Mildewstatic / Virucidal used by SPCA Auckland and may other human and animal health facilities. It has proven efficacy testing against human viruses like Coronaviruses and SARS etc but also against a long list of animal pathogens like Parvo etc. You can read more about it here including the pathogens it covers. Virucide is a cleaner, deodoriser and sanitiser all in one. It is super concentrated at 1:128 and has a shelf life of 12 months although with proper storage should last much longer. Contact time can be up to 10 minutes when there are known contaminants and rinsing is recommended. Animals should also be removed from the area before use and until surfaces are dry. For this reason many of our kennel, cattery, doggy daycare and grooming customers use our non-toxic Pet Cleanup Concentrate throughout the day for cleaning and deodorising as it is safe to use around animals and then Virucide at end of day and for deep cleans.

Both products are proudly made in New Zealand.